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How to tell what firmware I have on my Frsky Taranis?
As you might know, there are different firmware for the Frsky Taranis radio transmitter. Having the wrong firmware will cause problem binding to your radio receivers.

There are 2 types of firmware:
  • International firmware (a.k.a "non-EU")
  • EU firmware (a.k.a "EU-LBT")

Here are the differences between these firmware.

Here is how you can find out what firmware you have:

Go to model setup in your taranis, under "Internal RF", "Mode" and see how many different options you have.
  • D8, D16, LR12 - if you can select all three then you have the international firmware
  • D16 only - you have one of the first versions of the EU-LBT firmware. If this is the case you really should update your firmware because it's quite outdated
  • D16, LR12 - you have the newer EU-LBT firmware, and you can use the radio for both the X-series and L-series receivers (but not the D series)
(These options are TX to RX protocols as explained here: https://oscarliang.com/pwm-ppm-sbus-dsm2...ifference/)

Your TX and RX have to have the matching firmware, i.e EU with EU, or International with International, otherwise you won't be able to bind them. If that happens you will either need to flash your TX or RX to the right firmware.

Here is how to flash receiver firmware: https://oscarliang.com/flash-frsky-rx-firmware

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I've been asking this question all over the internet and everyone always tells me it's not possible. Thanks for the information Oscar :-)
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