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How blurry is the HD2/SE screen?
I'm starting to really lean towards getting some Fatsharks because I'm sick of lugging around the Quanum V2.  They work fine, but are so bulky they are getting annoying.
The more I research the more I want a large screen Fatshark, but the HD3/HD2 are still outside my price range.

Right now I'm trying to decide between the Attitude V3 or the Dominator SE.  The only concern I have about the Dominator SE is that they seem to use the same screens as the old HD2's which had plenty of complaints about blurry edges.  So I want to know HOW blurry are those edges?  

Anyone here have experience with the blur?  Is it so bad you can't read an OSD?  Or just a mild annoyance?
Sorry i don't have experience with the SE, but I think the HD3 is worth getting over the SE due to HD support. SE doesn't even have HDMI input. The HD is more future proof IMO with higher resell value.
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I got the HD2 and for me they are a bit blurry at the edges. When I fly I normally have my eyes in the middle of the screen where the picture is sharp and once in a while I take a quick look down at the OSD, but as long as I can read the info, regardless of the sharpness of the text, It is not something that bothers me too much. It is only when I am doing adjustments through mwosd it can be a bit disturbing. I can read the OSD just fine, but if you are planning to use mwosd, I would change the font to large or bold/large. the normal font is just a little bit small so it can be hard to read at the edges of the screen.

I dont use the -2 diopter that came with the goggles, because then the middle of the screen got blurry for me. The best way to get most of the picture sharp for me is to get the goggles as close to the face as possible.
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have you looked at alternatives like skyzone ?
All the best
Grzesiek (Grisha/ Greg)

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thinking about building: 450

Well I went ahead and splurged on Fatshark Dominator SEs so I can speak from experience now. There is blurriness around the edges, but once I get the goggles seated right on my face and am flying, I don't notice it.
I don't have an OSD so I'm not sure how it would affect that but I could see how it could bother people.

That said....these things are amazing. AMAZING. Prior to this I was on Quanum V2s which I thought looked good. They look really bad compared to the Dominator SE screens. The Fatsharks are crisp as hell. It was like switching from VHS to DVD.
Also I instantly felt more "locked in" when flying. The Quanum V2s almost had too much to look at but the Fatsharks I feel like I'm much more "in" the quad.
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I am also looking to get either of these goggles but I am unable to find any SE's available anywhere. I think they are completely sold out Sad
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It's good to hear you like what you bought Big Grin I love my Dom V2 as well (which has similar spec to the SE, but SE has better lens)
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If you r worried about blurried screen deffinetly go with V3s. Though they r 19:6 but oh man picture is cristal clear. Its like having connex video system Smile
I tried a friends pair of Dom HD v3s the other day and they are crystal clear now. When he received them they were blurry all over and he sent them back to fatshark and they changed the optics
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