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Hey Hey folks, Belgium represent :-)
Hey people, i'm a new member called Maarten, 34 years old and live in Belgium with my wife and 2 kids.

Been flying quads for 2 years now and playing with FPV for over a year.
Been in love with RC since i was kid (building cars with my dad) and still love it. 

My gear is a bit of everything and to much to write down but i'm in love with my mini and micro quads the most .

If you have any more questions feel free to ask :-)



(maxke is the diminutive for max in dutch for those who were wondering :-)
Welcome to the forum Maarten! Looking forward to seeing what ya got Smile
Welcome to the forum!
Current quad: ZMR 250 / DYS SE2205 / Littlebee 20A ESCs / Drone Lab 1500 4S / Naze32 Rev5 / BF 2.7.1
FPV: Runcam Skyplus / Aomway 200mw VTX / Fatshark DomV1
>>>>>>>>>>Check Out My Build<<<<<<<<<<
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Hello Maarten,

Greetings from the northern neighbors and have a lot of fun on the forum.
Thanks people, i will make a list with my builds and gear soon :-)
Let's get started on the list :-) it will try and shorten it because i have been collecting for some time  . I like building stuff, moding stuff and DIY'ing stuff .

So i drive :

Traxxas Emaxx, Rustler (Speed demon), REVO (big and small), ...

I fly:

DJI 550 Go Pro drone ,  DJI 550 testdrone  , DJI 450 ,  Cheap hobby king glider ,  450 Nine eagles heli

and I RACE/ Crash/ put on a shelf :

250 size Blackout clone's: Hex and Quad's  (first quad builds)

250 size Hobbyking Hex as test quad

a 5" and a 4" Alien

130 mm size Liantian dippie (hydrodipped Liantian frame) / Littlebee 20A / DYS 3600 KV motors/ naze rev 5

130 mm size pod / F3 Revo/ Emax redbottom 4000 KV/ 20A littlebee

Tiny Whoop 

eachine E010



Spektrum DX9 (black edition)  --) NR 1

Spektrum DX6 (black edition)  --) on sale

FrSky Taranis X9D plus  --) when the DX9 does not suffice or i feel the need to mod :-)

Futaba T8J (using very rare and for sale)

Turnigy Evolution (coming this week )

Fatshark Dominator HD2 using the Laforge diversity units ( love this one)
Fatshark Predator 2 : hydrodipped and with diversity mod

If there are any questions please feel free to ask :-)

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I'm a little behind (as usual), but welcome to the forum, lots of good folks here. : )
"Damn the torpedoes!!!  Full speed ahead!!!"
Hiya Maarten, welcome to the forum. Big Grin
My youtube channel

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Hey there,

You have a nice selection of quads. I'm a beginner and I come to forums like this to read up on any information pertaining to the quad(s) I have purchased. For now I am going with an ARF but I plan on building one as well so I know the ins and outs. Happy flying this new year and cheers from a guy that likes to drink Belgium beer!!
thanks en enjoy the beer :-)
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Welcome Belgium power Smile time for a duvel now Wink
Ah toch een mede- belg gevonden :-)

(05-Jan-2017, 08:45 AM)maxke Wrote: Ah toch een mede- belg gevonden :-)


Ja inderdaad meneke (ik ben van Namen)
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