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HELP! Tuning by feel, can't seem to reduce my propwash
I am pretty new at this.  I'm trying to tune my hyperbaby 3".  This is where I am so far.  Seem to be chasing the propwash all over the place. I'm having trouble feeling and hearing the difference between p and d oscillations.

Thanks in advance!

Betaflight 3.2
DYS 3045 props,
 1407-3600kv motors, 
speedix 20A esc with 330uf on each,
 850mah 70C batt. 

Battery on bottom, soft mounted motors and fc.  Dynamic filter on, and notches off, antigravity on, airmode on.

Vid, dump and bbl at 1k here:
No need to log at any higher speed than 1k
Hm i somehow missed this thread.

Haven't tried dynamic filter myself yet, but from what i've read, some people reported that they had less propwash with static notch filters... maybe worth a try.
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