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Hello all
Whats up folks. Im a complete noob here. when i say noob, i mean I havent even flown yet. My son said he wanted a drone for xmas, so i did what I always do. . . .research. That led me to FPV and now im hooked. So much so, that ive already picked up a Taranis and Fat Sharks and Ive been practicing a ton with Freerider and lift off while waiting for some good weather!

Any Central Mass pilots in here?
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Welcome Dysrupt! I'm over in Finger Lakes, NY (not immediate neighborhood - but not all that far).
And if you've been practicing on sims, that counts! Big Grin
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Welcome to the forum.  This is a great place to learn! Cool
"Damn the torpedoes!!!  Full speed ahead!!!"
Welcome! Sounds like you are doing your home work right and on the right track Smile
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hello, and welcome. there's a father and son that i fly with on the weekend sometimes, and it's great watching them together. the son is only 12 but is screaming fast on a track.
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Welcome to the forum and Happy New year Thumbs Up
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