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Heavy Lifters
Howdy Boys,

Just fitted the 13 x 4.7 SF props and decided I could not wait until morning so I did a test hop under the floodlamp in the back yard.

Weight 5.6kg, 11.1V and 13 x 4.7 SF props. (Matched set)

Lifted off cleanly at approx 60% throttle and hovered easily at 4 - 5 inches from the ground.

The prop wash is much less violent with the 4.7" props and that allowed me to hover 5" from the ground and do a left 90 degree rotation followed by a 180 degree right rotation with a high level of stabilisation.

Judging by this short test hop I am exactly at the point I wanted to be. Projected all up weight of the completed project est 5.6kg.

Estimated total thrust of the quad section 7.5kg which I believe is sufficient to handle the way I intend to fly the completed aircraft.

Only time will tell of course but the real test will be down on the farm next week.

It is surprising how quickly things have started to come together. Wink 

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(Yesterday, 08:47 PM)fftunes Wrote: That's good to hear! Another proof that Boris B. can be very wrong sometimes... (ignore that comment, see it as an insider joke lol, but to quickly explain, at one point i had an argument with him where he insisted that stick commands are the same, no matter which transmitter mode you use).

Hovering at 70% doesn't sound so bad at all, so maybe it was high PID or noise messing with power output. Question, the HK V3 doesn't use betaflight, does it? Just as a heads-up, i wouldn't want to learn yet another firmware... Wink Not saying it couldn't work better out-of-the-box, so probably still worth a try.

Hi FF, I think you are correct. There is certainly a big difference in thrust.

I noticed tonight that the sound with the 13 x 4.7 is not as sweet as the 12 x 6SF. It tends to be a little harsher. I did spend some time balancing the props so I probably need to investigate that a little further.

Now my big problem is can I reprogram that V3 to "X" config. The programmer arrived today as well.