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HBRC D0603 0603 Micro Brushless Motor
Anyone has bought and tested these yet?


No ball bearings.
These use 'oil bearings' not sure if there are any other brushless motors that use them?
I guess they will be better suited to proper whoop size props rather than 55mm +...

But, yeah I would like to hear some opinions, still $12 each is pretty bloody steep!
Windless fields and smokeless builds
I think 0703 and 0705 motors used it. People had some bad experience as I understood it. Then Sunnysky made some with 07xx with ball bearings.

Maybe you can machine them for some 1 mm ball bearings if you are really dedicated micro fan with a lathe.
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All balls Racing might have alternatives for bearings. Huge selection, reputable, fair prices and they have packages for rc.
Oops. I meant boca bearings. All balls are great too for hard to find bearings. Sorry for double post

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