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Greetings from Russia )
Privet Sergey!  Big Grin
I agree, you've found THE forum, if you can't solve your problems here & enjoy fpv, then you're not made for it! Wink
No, seriously: I'm a noob, have started this spring, and thanks to the forum I got up in the air and am battling setpoint transitions and stuff now - we'll never go out of problems, in this hobby! - That's what fuses us together, because - in a way - everybody on this quest is in the same position..
Take care, have fun and see you soon on the forum!
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(30-Sep-2017, 11:29 AM)gdbr Wrote: Hi, Carl. Are there a few guys with a big quad?

There are at least a couple more regulars in addition to unseen Smile

he just happens to be our resident guru at the same time is all Wink
Current Quads: Operational: Diatone GT2 200 In need of repair: Bumble Bee, tehStein,  Slightly modified Vortex 250 
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(01-Oct-2017, 02:57 PM)unseen Wrote: My worry is your motors.
Ok, unsen
Well, how about GARTT ML 3510 600KV?
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campagnium, Carl.Vegas, thanks! Smile
(12-Oct-2017, 03:06 PM)gdbr Wrote: Ok, unsen
Well, how about GARTT ML 3510 600KV?

They would be great with 15" props, but I don't know if you can fit 15" props on the frame that you have.

14x5.5 props would give you a power to weight ratio of 2.1:1 if your all up weight is 2Kg and that's a little too low for comfort. If you can keep the all up weight down to 1.8Kg, you'd get a much safer 2.4:1 power to weight ratio with 14x5.5 or 2.3:1 with 14x5.

The GARTT motors are certainly a lot more trustworthy and are listed in eCalc with full specs that match the ones published on Aliexpress.

As I'm sure you have seen, they are also a lot more expensive than the no-name 5010 motors you proposed first, but when it comes to most things, you get what you pay for!
unsen, Thank you!
I ordered the motors Gratt 3510 600kv.
Photographer from Moscow: smorovoz.ru
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I'm happy! Frame DAYA550 from China has come! Smile
Also came the props with the 13" and ESC 40A Readytosky.
Photographer from Moscow: smorovoz.ru
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