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Gotta get a bigger Quad?
Forming the idea more and more (it's so easy to spend money in ones head).

Because I like the way it looks I keep coming back to the TBS Discovery style of build, there's some carbon fibre decked clones around for around AUD30 delivered. I'd probably buy a couple just so I get spares Wink

Most people seem to initially use 2212-800kvs on these things and get reasonable results. If I step it up a bit a look at 2216s I can choose between 2216-810kv OR 2216-1400kv and have the ability to swing just about any prop I could dream of if I can supply enough juice. Grabbing a set of Racestars at around AUD60 covers any of those options.

Racestars in that size come set up to use DJI style quick-release props, so I'd initially just use the 9450s and give it a go. They're about AUD15 a pair

Starting battery level is 4000mah 4S (although I can use my 1500mah 3S in parallel as well) - this enters will into the PDB discussion. I am likely to use a Pixhawk (or another cheap APM) which means I should set the input to the current sensor with a XT60 Y-cable (parallel) and then feed from the power sensor up to the PDB and beyond. Say I spend AUD50 on an entry level battery onsale.

The clone Discoverys don't come with gimbals, which is fine, and there's various 3D printed versions of the TBS style front available just BYO controller and motors... or use a set of Flamewheel landing legs and go underslung. This is what really interests me because I get "options" ...

Anyway current project looks like:

* TBS Discovery Clone in CF
* Racestar or similar 2216-800/2216-1400 (need to learn more about kv rating)
* DJI style 9450 Props
* Pixhawk or APM with GPS etc
* 4000mah 4S battery as a start
* PPM/SBus Flysky Rx
* Telemetry set

Decided to stick in the Arducopter space because my current build is APM and it just seems more "mature" when it comes to the GPS and Mission aspects I want.


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