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GoPro Karma VS DJI Mavic Pro
hey guys whats your view on the gopro Karma vs the dji mavic pro what 1 should i buy they look just as good as each other i think but its a lot of money so i would like to know what everyone elce thinks ?
I would trust mavic mire than karma, DJI are not at their first drone, they have proof they can lead the market, so why go cheaper when you can have better for nearly same price....and just the look of the mavic is enough to make your choice and the 7km range over 1.5km might need to be considered

Get the DJI. It is far more capable than the GoPro toy. Just look at all the features it has in the GoPro doesn't. It has working obstacle avoidance, inside position hold, a 4.3 mile range, and just read all the reviews.

No one serious about AP wants to deal with fisheye. DJI has all the experience. Mavic Pro costs less and has object avoidance and excellent follow me. It's not even a comparison.
GoPro is in the business of overpriced cameras. DJI is in the business of flying and has 4 or more proven platforms already. What do you think? Pretty clear if you ask me
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I think many of the above comments are based on the mavic being the current hype train that this community thrives on. They are both probably great and offer different features. The Karma overall is far more flexible with its included handheld gimbal stick, and the hero 5's have linear mode and a far wider fov for when you want it but still have narrow fov options. I have no doubt the mavic is great but it is a more dedicated camera platform where if you buy a karma you are getting a handheld gimbal, one of the best action cams on the market and a drone for the same price as a mavic. The choice should strictly be based on what you want and will use it for.
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