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Gearbest Tiny QX90 Whoopie review
I have just noticed the PIDs are the same! Then the only thing you can do is tune them. Well, good luck Big Grin
Damn... So. I wonder if I can use 2s on mine.. Or maybe not, the vtx only takes 5v max
I think you can switch the FC over for 2S (soldering across two pads on the board), but as you said, camera is only good for 3.3 - 5v.
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On this one, there is a soldering jumper on the FC which switches between 1S and 2S
Why don't you use one cell from the 2S lipo to power up the VTX and the 2S for the FC and motors.
You can split the cells if you are not going to unbalance the lipo too much.
The FC has a 5V BEC for the receiver and the camera
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