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Frsky Taranis X7 Radio
hey guys just saw Taranis x7 images on the instagram handle of frsky-rc 
also as said it would be sold on horusrc.com soon well more about it as per todays update is here 
Quote:X7 is gonna be smaller and lighter than the very famous Frsky Taranis X9d plus and cheaper.

With almost the same functionalities in the X9d Radio.

The display seems to be smaller than the X9d Radio although the whole radio design is difference and a advance look similar to Horus x12 is adapted.

The switches seems to be 3 on each side so total 6 but all this data is just from the images this all may differ on the final product is out .

Interesting... but no mention of "improved gimbal"...
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I was just reading on the RCgroups page on this and it looks like the gambles are the same as the X9d. If this is like $100-$150 I might get this rather than a X9d when I upgrade from my Flysky! Looks pretty sweet.
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that would be so disappointing for some Smile
I think quite a lot of people went to Spektrum just because of the gimbals, if they provide better gimbal I believe a lot of guys already using X9D might even spend more and "upgrade" to the new model...
Don't be a LOS'er, be an FPV'er :) -- Blog - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Google Plus
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Heh yeah, I was given an old DX6i and the gimbals are pretty great. I hope these gambles aren't to bad.
These are the specs atleast for tentative announced by Frsky on instagram : frsky_rc

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