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FPV Slope Soaring Videos
I've been doing FPV slope soaring on-and-off since 2012, after having initially been interested in FPV as far back as 2007.

I've got some cool aerobatic stuff in the works, but first I'm getting comfortable with the tech involved in a more sedate, low-intensity platform... the Parkzone Radian ROFL

It's actually a darn good slope glider, and I enjoy flying it quite a bit.

Here are some vids I've made over the years.

My first-ever FPV flight, back in 2012

Back at it in 2017

Chasing my son's Weasel slope glider
Awesome videos!!  I watched the 2017 ones first.  (I saw you "cheat" there back in 2012...) Wink

Beautiful spot too - thanks!  Thumbs Up
It's why I like this hobby, great videos man!
http://pimousse.be/ Belgian FPV & Aeromodelism 
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Thanks guys. Just got my pan-and-tilt rig going, with headtracking. Switched to a Runcam Micro Swift 2, but haven't dialed it in yet (it's just straight out of the box).

Pan-and-tilt with headtracking makes a world of difference from slope soaring FPV. It's super fun!

Next up, I'm going to see about getting this rig installed on a higher performance, aerobatic airframe. Should be exciting Smile

My first FPV flight with the Dream-Flight Ahi aerobatics glider. It was rad!

One of my better flights from my first day flying FPV VTPR slope aerobatics.
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More air-to-air with my headtracking-equipped Radian