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FPV Simulator Choices
You can find all the FPV Simulators in this article:
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Liftoff FTW. Constantly new content, the multiplayer community is easy enough to learn how to get along with, and its what feels the most comfortable to me personally. They still have work to do in order to be perfect but I think they're doing a good job of responding to the community for their priorities on what to work on.

I used to like DRL but now I cant even fly it... the physics feel like they're simulating a flying rock.
And FPVFreerider has a sort of turbo warp effect that seems almost silly to me.

I've tried a few others like hotprops and velocidrone but I had a tough time with radio calibration or just couldn't get things to load properly in some cases.
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Funny, I had issues with setting up and calibrating HotProps (reversed roll channel and oh yeah, throttle curve ON THE TX Doh  ), then when I tried Velocidrone and it just worked straight off, hotprops feels a bit more like a 'proper' sim, than velocidrone, but velo' is just great to pick up and go, at least for my FlySky i6X TX.
Windless fields and smokeless builds
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I tried almost all of the sims and liftoff is the winner for me. It gives me most comfortable flying feeling at all. Even if the quad is kinda floaty, but overall, im happy with it. I Learn how to flight quad and acro on it.

I has many modes etc, but I mostly fly in freeflight and just learning some moves Smile
My first quad build Thread

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