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Flying wings. How to catch them all
Seen some people asking on how to create a flying wing so thought I'd put up a quick howto so everyone in the universe will know how to do it. Also I was bored.

Here is the material you will need:

1x flying wing
- You can get a bonsai (small) or a teksumo (big) from Hobbyking 
- There's also a variety of wings in Flyingwings.co.uk that ship out quickly if you are in the UK.

1x motor (you can use a quad motor - anything really, from 2000kv to 2600kv depending on which prop you want to use)
1x esc (again same as quads, use an appropriate ESC that fits your prop and battery AND clears the rear of the wing!)
1x bec or polulu if you don't have a bec in your ESC that matches the voltage required from your receiver (normally 5v or 3.3v depending on what you are using).
2x 8g servos
2x 15cm pushrods (believe it or not these are the hardest to find so I just use paper clips Smile  )
1x receiver of your choice

*Author recommends: 2450kv T-Motor 30a esc 6" triblade 6s battery for full insanity 1 battery only before nuclear like explosion that will destroy the universe - flight.
*Author sensible friend recommends: 2300/2500kv 20a esc 5 inch triblade 3s 1000mha (for small build) battery will go super fast!!

- xt60 connector or jst connector depending on what battery you want to use. If you use DEANS stop reading right now and go away!!! xooo xooo!!!
- misc cables to connect all this stuff (salvage from whatever you can; like esc motor cables that were too long; and try to use silicone cables mostly)
- hot glue gun


Your flying wing will probably come split in half so you will need to glue all the bits together.
If you have a high level of OCD and are keen on getting a super perfect build check out where you will place all the components and pre-cut the foam before your glue all the wing.

You can take an idea where to cut to put components from this picture as drawn by a 5 year old.

*Missing VTX and camera in this picture

If you are like me and can't wait to get flying just glue the damn thing and lets get started!
There should be some kind of manual or picture you can look at and when you are done it might even look remotely like it!
You will now need to solder the components together.
If you don't know how to do this ask help from an adult like your dad.
If you are the dad then do this quickly before your kids come break all your stuff or your wife starts annoying you to come to dinner and stop playing with your toys even tho these are not toys, they are serious stuff, how many people know how to properly solder and get all this stuff working like a bawse? One day you will be the world champion of the world and they she will see!!!!!
Anyway ...
Connect\solder the Motor to ESC (doesn't really matter the rotation**) and then ESC power to a xt60 or jst connection depending on what battery you want to use; or use both if you want, jeez.

** Depending on what rotation you have just use the appropriate prop from your quads. CCW or CW. The numbers\text in the prop must be facing the motor (not outwards).

The signal+ground cable from the ESC will be connected to your receiver.
Now .. if your ESC doesn't have a BEC (reads 5v output) you will need to get something that gives you 5v to power up your receiver like a polulu. You connect these directly to the ESC pos/neg as well, unless your receiver is one of those fancy high voltage and can take 3s batteries (uuhhh look at meeeee).

Now insert your servo thingies in each of the sides of the wing perpendicular to the flapy flaps (these are all technical terms).
The servos will also connect to the receiver. Use the clip to secure the servos to the horn that will be in the wing.

Place your electronics gently in your wing by hot gluing the sh£t out of it!
This is where stuff gets a bit trickier.

Your CG needs to be spot on where your manual tells you to be. I normally soft mount ALL electronics (including camera and vtx if you want FPV) to the wing and move them around with the battery on top as well to find the best place to stick them on permanently.

By default your battery needs to be in the center and you can use it to trim your CG but moving it forward/backwards

Le Steepe Trois

This is pretty much all your wing needs to fly.

If you want to add FPV just stick on a VTX and camera (keep in mind the CG!).
I tend to use the parallel charging plug from the battery to power up the VTX but you can also connect it directly to the ESC pos/neg. There is no need for a power distribution board since in wings you are trying to keep the build to a minimum weight so it flies well.

Your wing should now look like this:

Zergut Tippen for ze fluggen of dein WINGBRAWKFUZT

Nr 1 tip: If you can't keep the CG perfectly in the spot a NOSE heavy wing will fly badly // #flatearthconfirmed
Nr 2 tip aslo: A tail heavy wing will fly only once // #gravityconfirmed
Just the tip: Play around with the battery position to get the best CG results or add weight (like a coin) to a side if the CG is messed up towards a specific side.
Giggidy tip: Don't be afraid to crash because you will. Have a friend with you to help you plus it will be fun for him\her to watch you fail.

Wings need a lot of space to fly. Specially on the first flight in order to trim them while you are flying
Good luck and remember to bring a plastic bag with you as it will make it easier to carry the several pieces of your crashed wing once you're done flying.

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Loved it, especially like the handwritten notes for the Pictures to come. and the "It should now look like this" Pic..LOL
My youtube channel

You're the man Carlson. Gracias!
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haha those place holder LOL

I have always wanted to build a plane, looking forward to your tutorial!
Don't be a LOS'er, be an FPV'er :) -- Blog - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Google Plus
(30-Aug-2016, 02:29 PM)Artur Banach Wrote: You're the man Carlson. Gracias!

Tank, you!
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  • Oscar
but there are some more steps to get something to fly Wink
How to wire the electric parts together seems to be more specific.
Finally the good small wings habe also good community behind and
like the hornet you got a proper manual.
Interesting to see that also in UK people are going to wings for racing...
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I love your styleBig Grin

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