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Flying in rain/snow
Its winter and when its not rainig it is snowing.

Do you fly in rain and snow?
Do you coat your electronic?
How do you protect your transmitter and googles?
Any recommendations for lens coating?

I have applied som silicone conformal coating on last build. I have not applied anything to connectors and lens. I have seen Corrosion X beeing heavily promoted in FPV for connectors and motors.

Are there mechanical solutions to keep lens free of water? Fan? Spinning glass disc? Wiper? Smile

Here is an example of hydrophilic filter. Sees expensive and unpractical - needs UV recharging.


Your experience and ideas?
In light rain/snow it is doable for sure, I was flying in light rain withour any problems.

Do you coat your electronic?
- yes - with MG silicone conformal coating, it is not the best to protect wired connections though as it can crack when wires move - liquid tape would be better here.
- protect the connectors like USB etc as those can not be coated. Regular insulation tape works here.

How do you protect your transmitter and googles?
- I see no real way to protect in winter - even if you coat the boards in the tx, if any water gets inside, it can freeze and block the gimbals. It would be best to sit under any kind of roof - be it your car or at least an umbrella (last is not so uncommon from what I see Smile )
- on the other hand - would you REALLY want to stand in the rain and fly?
- you will get video static while sitting in the car, but you can build a waterproof groundstation and place it on the roof, only wire you need to get inside the car is the video jack.

Any recommendations for lens coating?
- this probably works best on flat surfaces, like gopro/RC3 glass, but it will scratch away after first contact with a ninja branch. Not sure if it would keep water droplets off a small lens, I think it would get trapped between parts.
- What would certainly help is to reverse the prop direction as this will keep all the water/snow that gets into the prop discs away from the lens. Again - protect the connectors as it will most likely land on the FC stack.
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I find that the cold gets my fingers before anything else. I can't fly with gloves as there's just no feeling.

When it comes to coatings, they are a great idea if rain or snow may be involved. As a technical point, it's 'silicone' (a polymerised siloxane compound) and not 'silicon' (a hard, brittle, crystalline metalloid element).
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Has anyone tried any good transmitter glove that you put the transmitter and hands inside?

Have considered sewing something up for the googles.
Yes those gloves are awesome!
highly recommended.
This is what i use: http://amzn.to/2jgJ9tk

a bit more info about flying in the winter.
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yeah flying in bad weather conditions is possible did this last winter and will to this winter (after house moving), coating your hardware is fine but in my own experience, you never get all of the connectors like USB and so on so when you land in deep snow it is possible that it stop working but normally going home try the quad and it should be fine. But just flying in light rain or snow is no problem.

here the video proof Wink snowing, freezing cold -11°C, 2150m high (was sitting in my car) the main problem was the GoPro lens the cam lens was still fine only a view times snowflakes on it but the molded fast. And another good point you quad should have a beeper! One of my ESC died in the end and I search it for more than hour in the snow, the beebing of the gopro saved my copter.

Fly deep, fast and crash - repair and then repeat! Welcome to the Game of Drones ;)
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