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Flips over
Ok guys. I've come a long way with your help. Everything is working. Radio and drone are talking. But when I throttle up the drone wants to flip? All motors and props are proper.
The motors spin in the right direction and the correct motor is connected to the right channel of the flight controller, you can check this in the motor tab from your cleanflight / betaflight.
You may also check if your board orientation is correct.
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I've done all that. Motors spin in right direction. There numbers are good. Radio is good. It lifts off then flips. Using clean flight
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This may sound silly but do you have the correct props on each motor ?
lol FPV
Ragg-e WBX 5"
Yes dude. Triple check. I can give a little throttle to spin the props. But you give a little more it seems to go hyper then flips. I can get off the ground about 5cm
Can you maybe make a short movie and upload it so we get a better idea of the problem and maybe some pictures.
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When this has happened to me it is always one of the following things that are wrong:

1. wrong direction on the props.
This is the most common and a good way to remember is that all the props should spin towards the FC. (If you have not changed the direction in the CLI that is which I'm pretty sure you have not).

2. Wrong motor direction.
Same as above.

3. Wrong motor number.
signal cable on the wrong motor pad on the ESC can cause this. Check that the motors spin according to how they should in CF/BF.

4. FC orientation.
Easiest way to check is to activate the accelerometer and check that the brick/quad in CF/BF is moving the same as how you move the quad.

A video and maybe a blackbox would be nice Smile
Thank you my friends so much. It was the smallest over site. It's was in clean flight. The yaw degree was set a 320. In configurator. Don't know how this happened but she's flying.

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