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Flip32 with x4rsb in ppm mode
Does the gps stuff work? Could it be it keeps looking for sat's?

Had another look: I see you have gps feature disabled, but gps_provider is set to ublox, mag_hardware is set to none. Maybe set gps_provider to "none" too.

Though i have no exp with that kind of stuff.
Thanks guys, i finally figured out what was going on....I have to thank Josh Bardwell for making me think of it. in one of his videos he says make your radio dumb, I did that, took all trims out , all mixes, and centered everything. except for one thing,
years ago when i first got my Taranis , i incorporated a safety switch on the throttle so i couldnt accidently activate the throttle without the switch, and i have successfully used it on all my quads and planes, i had it combined with my arm switch and that is the first time i have used an arm switch instead of stick arming. as soon as i deleted that program it armed properly the first time i flipped the switch. so thanks all for reading all my crap and trying to help out, I appreciate all the help that others offer and tried everything that was suggested, so Happy Flying everyone!
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Good Big Grin
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Glad to hear you worked it out.

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