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Flip32 F4 Battle Pack
Ready to fly quads has a pretty good deal on two F4 flight controllers.  A catch: one has MPU6500 and the other MPU6000. Get both for $39.50.


I've got the F4 with the MPU6000 and have been following the Airbot/Flip32 F4 thread over on RC groups.  There have been a couple of issues with this board, so you might want to read that thread before purchasing.  http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2731917

Some of the issues have been resolved.  Here's a brief synopsis.

Can't bind Spektrum satellites on the dedicated port (work around is bind off-board, or temporarily wire to UART3 [data to RX3]).
There was talk of having to remove a resistor for PPM/SBUS, but it appears to not be necessary now.
Buzzer port was not working, now it is (with BF 3.0.1 - revo target).
Dedicated LED port is not working and probably never will - must use PWM 5.
On-board LDO gets hot.  Connecting a 5V BEC in parallel is supposed to help, but reports are it doesn't unless the BEC voltage is greater than the LDO output.
Documentation sucks.

Other than that, it's a great board! Big Grin
The latest Revo target BF 3.0.1 is reported to work on both boards above.  Raceflight only works on the MPU6000 for now.

Anyway, it's a good deal if you can dig up the documentation...
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