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Fixed - Glitches with Runcam Eagle 2 - Ground Issue
Here is some info about video glitches I encountered with Runcam Eagle Camera, and how i fixed it.

At the beginning my cam was getting some weird vertical sync problems, and vertical bands in the video with luminance changes. 

I thought it was a problem with my VTX etc.... 

But traced down the problem to be the 2 screws on the back panel of the Eagle 2, they were going through the 2 holes of the main board, but the borders of theses holes are connected to the ground. 

As the camera case is full metal, it means that the whole camera is connected to the ground, including the metal bracket mount. When installed in a carbon frame, this finally connect all frame to the ground and cause massive glitches in video. 

I made sure that no other parts in the drone was connected to the ground of the frame... it was really just the eagle 2...

The solution is to replace the 2 metallic back panel screws with 2mm nylon screws, or you could also isolate the camera by using non-conductive camera mount, such as 3D printed. 

Now my cam is working perfectly, very stable video, no glitches. I can say it's the best FPV camera i ever used. 
But you do need some tuning to avoid white saturation under certain light conditions (set WDR gain do 3-4, lower values of sharpness and edge).
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Isn't that weird? The grounded case should work nicely as a shield for the electronics inside, shouldn't it? I guess the holes for the screws in the PCB would share the same ground?

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