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I've been so swamped at work for the past two months I've barely had the time to fly let alone build. This was the first week things have slowed down plus the part I've been waiting over a month for had showed up just in time. The Innova VTX is a god send! I've struggled with limited space in my RotorX Atom forever while trying to keep in under 150g. The problem was usually how to cram a descent VTX in there with only 5v power. Well I had gotten it as close as I could be happy with weighing in at 145g running an Afro mini. Then the Piko BLX came out and I got so excited that I could free up some space with it while upgrading to an F3. Shortly after receiving it, Furious FPV announced the Innova VTX and my mouth dropped. Well after a month+ of it being delayed it finally should up. Not only is it a VTX that stacks on top of the Piko, it has built in OSD that allows you to change channel, band, and power (25mw - 200mw) right in your goggles!!!!!! The only problem I have with it is the UFL connector for your 5.8 antenna. When I had ordered it Furious didn't have any antennas or adapters available, so I hacked my own together, seems to be working. Here it is coming in at 136.5g AUW! I'm one happy pilot.

Well after getting out to the park with the boys to put this little guy through the paces It's definitely more fun to fly than it was and it always was fun. Last time I flew it was on BF 2.6 so there's that. Having OSD on it now's a big plus. The wind yesterday was pretty bad so it got blown around a bit which reminded me I don't have a beeper on it anymore (and it needs one haha). Bummer that's going to inch it closer to it's OG weight. The Innova showed a flaw besides the U.FL connecter for the antenna. The only way to change channels is through the OSD in your goggles. I know, "If you can't change channels it's cause your goggles aren't working anyways" right? Well I switched to 200mw and the signal got so bad I could barely change it back. Hopefully the bad signal is coming from my antenna hack and not an issue with the VTX. I'll know when the proper antenna shows up.
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