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Fat Shark lipo
Battery on my goggles does not seem to ever fully charge. I've left it on before upwards 90 minutes. The voltage just fluctuates around 8.20. The goggles also seem to die fairly quick. When I take the battery out and check the voltage it comes back barely half. Is it possible the cells aren't balancing?

Anyone reason I can't solder a 2.1 mm barrel connector to an xt60 and use one of my own 2s? Will the battery alarm on the goggles still work?
do you have a voltage alarm that reads 2S cell by cell? or just simply measure the voltage of each cell with your multimeter.

Yes you can modify the cable.. I did mine.

I am using a 2S 1300mah pack, and it's A LOT better than the stock battery. I get nearly 3 hours from each charge.
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Your tutorial is exactly what I am looking to do. I have some spare 2200 mah batteries I wanted to use
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Never noticed this thread.

I'm using old rc car lipo, 2s 4200mAh, with a loooong wire so i can carry it in a pocket. Lasts forever, and ever, everever.
The Fatshark lipo is a very poor quality battery. Bought my goggles in june, and the battery has already puffed so the black lid has fallen off

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