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FAQ for Brushed Motor Quadcopters on Clean/Betaflight
#1 - Basic Setup

Quote:set motor_pwm_rate=32000 #This will set pwm frequency to 32kHz
set max_throttle=2000          #brushed boards will use 0-2000 as throttle
set min_command=1000       #just to make sure min_cmd is not misconfigured
set fast_pwm_protocol=OFF  #disable oneshot125
feature motor_stop                #motors stopped when not armed
set min_throttle 1000            #the throttle when all motors start to spin, you might need to increase it if your motors spins when battery connected (e.g. 1060)

#2 - My motors spin full speed as soon as I plug in the Lipo battery...

Possible Causes:
1. Check your battery polarity (reversed polarity can cause this sometimes)
2. Motor PWM Rate too low => Read on

Solution: Go to CLI and enter

Quote:set motor_pwm_rate=32000  

And save. 

#3 - My Quad doesn't arm with stick...

1. Check your yaw/throttle stick range in Receiver tab, make sure both channels can at least reach 1000-2000. If not, adjust it in your TX settings (google how to do it with your TX Model)
2. If you prefer arming with stick, make sure you haven't setup a switch to arm (in Mode tab)
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Just as short remark to #3. The Eachine quads are shipped with arm binded to AUX5. If you do not reconfigure your TX and AUX5 is set to a potentiometer by default, it could be, that the quad is armed in the very moment you plug the battery in, because TX does not check the position of potentiometers.
Interesting, my QX95 came with the motor_pwm_rate set to 1000. Seems 'ok'. Should I change it to 32000 or just leave it alone?
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(11-08-2016, 08:07 PM)JBFUK Wrote: Interesting, my QX95 came with the motor_pwm_rate set to 1000.  Seems 'ok'.  Should I change it to 32000 or just leave it alone?

in theory anything higher than 500 would work Smile
but i find higher rate gives me smoother flights. Experiment with yours, also pay attention to the motor temperature and time flight time, and use whatever gives you good result Smile
A better FPV'er than LOS'er :) -- My Fleet

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