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Emax TS2306 2300KV motor
Some new line of motors from EMAX.

What's special
  • The stator size has increased to 2306 and the winding have changed to thicker gauge single strand winding.
  • Using arced (curved) magnets, rather than the rectangular ones - more power and efficiency
  • These motors produce impressive thrust at around 1.5Kg @ 36A using 6040 prop and a 4S lipo (according to MQTB)
  • Weight: 34g
1200g (4S : 5045BN @ 25.4A)
1295g (4S : 5040x3 @ 30.0A)

However there is no release date yet.

Don't be a LOS'er, be a FPV'er :) -- My Fleet
Ghiiiiiiiiii my wallet where is my wallet
(08-29-2016, 10:49 PM)Maxor Wrote: Gasp
Ghiiiiiiiiii my wallet where is my wallet

You still have a wallet?   my wallet died ages ago from the constant opening and closing to buy all the MUST NEED items, even if I do not want them..NEED overwrites want any day.. LOL
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Wallet?  What's that? Huh
As far as I know it was the prototype od Emax Rs2205 s

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