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Emax Rs2205s vs RS2306(white Edition)
Hello everyone,

I would like buy Emax motors, I have in this moment emax 2204 2300kv cooling series and I love emax. 

For my next order I would like buy more powerfull motors.

I need help to choose what´s the best  one of these that not destroy my lipos  Smile

What lipos are you using Wink
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Hm i would also say it probably depends on what props you plan to use.

But generally stronger motors = better Smile
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I currently run the RS2205S 2300kv with agressive tri-blades (Racekraft 5051's at the moment). Great punch and when really pushing it, they eat a 4s 1300mah 75c Tattu in just under 3 minutes, with lipo temperatures starting to approach my personal safety limit Wink

One of our members who are using the 2306's will probably chime in soon too hopefully. 

Maybe go for a more efficeint prop setup on the 2306's to save stress on your lipos too. To add to what fftunes said.
The Obsession IS Real!
My Youtube channel. My Threads

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