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Emax RS2205 2300kv motors
Greetings All….

This review is for a set of Emax RS2205 2300kv motors that were provided to me by GEARBEST, thanks Aden.

As one would expect, motors came well packed and the box had the authenticity code on the outside.  Apparently there are a lot of knock offs of this motor out there and this is a way to ensure it is a genuine Emax motor, regardless of where you buy it from.

Each motor was accompanied by several necessary “accessories”.  The motors I received had
  • Four nuts (CW or CWW) depending on that particular motor
  • Two complete sets of screws (6 & 8 mm)
  • Two retaining collars and three brass bushings.
  • Proper size alien wrench for motor screws.

The arms I was mounting to measured between 4.03 and 4.09 mm depending on where the measurement was taken.  I used the 8mm screws to mound the motors.  All seemed fine until I started calibrating the ESC’s.  I reached down to let my finger run along the side of the motor while it rotated slowly to be sure of rotation direction and it burned me.  This was only after running maybe 5 seconds at slow speed.  So I removed the motors and replaced the 8mm screws with the 6mm screws.  That still gave me 2 or 3 good turns before they tightened up.  I am comfortable with this as I used Loctite on them.  I could have accomplished the same thing by using a washer behind the head of the 8mm screws.
There is a lot of information online with regard to thrust test on these motors.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, I refer you to Oscar’s thrust test. https://oscarliang.com/emax-rs2205-2300kv-2600kv-motors/.  He actually reviews two other motors here as well (Emax 2205 2600kv and the Cobra 2204 2300kv), so be sure you’re looking at the data for the 2205 2300kv motor.
The results of the test are impressive.  These number are among the highest out there for this size motor.
These are really nice motors.  They are strong and smooth and surprisingly quiet.  They are a little heaver then most in the same class @ 30g/motor, but I think that is a small price to pay for the additional thrust unless your goal is a super light build. 
Be careful of the screws.  I am not sure why the included screws are as long as they are.  For the build size these would normally be used on, the mounting arm is more than likely going to be no more than 4mm thick and these screws are too long for that, so be aware.
Emax advertises these motors as having cooling fins.  I cannot present scientific evidence that these motors run cooler as a result, but I can confirm that these motors do move air without the props on.  When I was calibrating them I could feel the being pushed/pulled through them.
These are on my latest build (http://intofpv.com/t-build-3) and currently I am very satisfied with them and would not hesitate using them again
Thanks to GEARBEST for providing them to me for this review.
"Damn the torpedoes!!!  Full speed ahead!!!"
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My friend bought 4 of the same direction, not knowing about the cooling effect... those 2 motors that run reverse were a tiny bit warmer after flight. So the cooling does work. Wink

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