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Eachine Tiny QX90
Hey Guys, just wondering.

I also got on the qx90 bandwagon. Since I got it, i've already cooked 3 motors. Is it normal for these motors to break so easily? Or is it because I'm running betaflight?
(18-Nov-2016, 11:05 PM)trojanGoat Wrote: Hey Guys,  just wondering.

I also got on the qx90 bandwagon.  Since I got it,  i've already cooked 3 motors.  Is it normal for these motors to break so easily?  Or is it because I'm running betaflight?

how bad are they? Do they still run or not moving at all?
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Dead FC?

During flight, the copter suddenly stopped to run, just the front left motor spins at full power :/ I disarmed the copter and guess what, left front motor spins. I reflashed the firmware to 14.0. reset all the settings, set motor pwm rate to 1000 and the motor still runs at full power :/. Connected CF and TX responds in the right way. As soon as the copter is connected to baterry, the left front spins. Its the motor driver, right? No chance to repair, is it?
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Loving my QX90 and the only dramas I am having is antenna bending and not sure how much more it will take :/

Glad I got the quad and managed to do a few batts in acro mode FPV and made it quite a few times round the back garden today without crashing so I am slowly progressing!

Indoors I still have to use horizon or angle mode otherwise things get knocked into (small cluttered house!) Big Grin

Have played a fair bit with PIDs and rates (even managed to get rate switching working)

I have managed to snap a few of the plastic screws from hard landings - but luckily found some replacements in my tin of spare RC stuff

I see that Bang Good have a new frame for it - looks interesting and more robust so have ordered one Big Grin

Finding the QX90 much more useful than the E010 for learning FPV - better runtimes and a bucketload more power

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Such a fun little thing!
Running on BF 3.0.1, frsky receiver..

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Does anyone  have any experience wiring buzzer for low voltage alarm?

I have soldered on a  5v buzzer to buzzer spots on fc and set Vbat info up in Beta Flight but nothing happens when voltage reaches the 3.3v i set.

Any help appreciated!
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Thought I'd update - as the new frame arrived
VERY Happy with it and it saves a load of weight over the CF one
Seems to handle some big crashes very nicely as the new frame is fairly flexible and just seems to absorb whatever you can throw at it

Only slight downside to it - the boot pins on the board are now hidden/obscured  (I have soldered on a pair of jumper wires so flashing is less traumatic)

Also if changing the frames, just be cautious about the motors wires  - if the motor drops too far down the tight fitting plastic is able to strip the insulation ...Had to do some minor repairs after being heavy handed replacing props
The frame is a good fit for the Chaoli motors - no slippage
The F3Evo brushed board I am using is a tight enough fit that I am not using any foam to hold it in place

The frame also has a nice flat top making a nice platform for my 3d printed cam/vtx mount with roll bar held in place with double sided tape
The battery tray is a really good protected fit for the Syma X5C 600 Mah cells I have been using - no more sketchy elastic bands!
The frame has built in little landing legs at the base of the motor mounts - and they work brilliantly at keeping the battery out of harms way (no more peg legs to shear off!)


New frame    

With the lighter frame I have found it has become even more lively/punchy and is more than capable of indoor flips and being able to recover without fear hitting the ground

Glad I got the new frame to try out - can recommend it as an upgrade part for sure!

I've just bought a QX90, it should be arriving this weekend.
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(05-Jan-2017, 12:43 AM)HamsterFPV Wrote: I've just bought a QX90, it should be arriving this weekend.

You have also been crashing mine in the meanwhile  Big Grin Big Grin
lol FPV
Ragg-e WBX 5"
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