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Eachine QX95
Hello people,

I have got the possibility from Sandra from Banggood to test the Eachine QX95 FRSky version, many thanks to Sandra.

The link to Banggood: https://goo.gl/r3A8jK

What is in the package:
• The QX95 quadcopter
• 2 1S lipo 600 mah
• 1 spare CW motor
• 1 spare CCW motor
• 2 spare CW props
• 2 spare CCW props
• USB lipo charger
• 2 loop pads
• 1 hook pad
• Prop removal tool
• 2S lipo charger cable
• Manual

The quadcopter is compatible with the Taranis X9D plus EU firmware in D8 mode

• Compact size
• Camera in front
• Integrated receiver
• Weight
• Sbus

• Loose props

Bind process:
  1. You can check if the quad will power up, this can be done by plug in the lipo and see if the led will light up.
  2. Make a new model in your transmitter, for me it’s on the Taranis X9D plus.
  3. In your model setup you must select D8 mode and channel range CH1-8.
  4. Connect the bind pins on the QX95, you can use a tweezer or make a solder joint.
  5. If you power the QX95 up the green led will be come solid on, this means it’s in binding mode.
  6. Select on the Taranis the Bind and press enter, your Taranis will make a binding sound.
  7. If the green led will go off, it’s successfully bind.
  8. Power the QX95 off and remove the bind connection.
  9. You can press again enter on your Taranis to stop the binding sound.
  10. If you apply the power again on the QX95 the green led must be solid on this mean its bind successfully.
Setup a “Arm” switch
You must setup an arm switch in your transmitter to make the QX95 able to fly, if the QX95 is arm you will see a blue led light up on the flight controller, also the led strip will change from color. If the QX95 is disarmed the middle two leds will be green, if it’s armed the middle two leds will be blue.

Flying with the QX95
I must say the QX95 is a lot of fun to fly, in the beginning is it sometimes a bit hard, but after a few times of flying it get’s better and better. It got a lot of power for it small size, the led strip can help you very good for the orientation if you fly LOS. 

Flashing the QX95
Before you start to flash the QX95 make a backup from your settings and disconnect your lipo, disconnect your lipo and again disconnect your lipo. This  because after flashing the flight controller with new firmware the motors will start to spin insanely if your lipo is still connected, you have to set the in the CLI the following command: “set motor_pwm_rate=1000”. You can scale this value up to 32000, but 1000 tells the flight controller to go in brushed mode.

I was not able to use the 2S lipo charger cable with my charger, this because there is only a balance connection and not a charger connection, so my charger see a wire break.

Don't forget to put a little bit of glue on the propellers to secure them otherwise they will pop off easily and result in a crash.

If you have any questions just asked them and I will try to answer as best as possible.

Receiver integrated in the flight controller:

I have also tried to use a prop guard but i wasn't a succes, it pulled the motors too much to the outside of the frame.

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