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what's the difference between, the DYS XS and DYS XSC esc?
Looks like XSC is $3 cheaper than XS. Honestly though, good question. They look the same to me, have the same bb2 mcu, look to have the same design layout, same dimensions and weight.

Maybe the C is for cheap?
XSC is cheaper, PCB and components are larger, lower quality standards, etc. The circuit, processor, all the important stuff are THE SAME!

all you guys need to know is that essentially you save a couple dollars but there's a slightly higher chance that components will fall off when you crash HARD, and ESC might stop working.

ALSO lower tolerances mean that power output variation is a bit higher between different ESCs, like for the same motor you might get +/- 3% grams of thrust variation compared to +/- 2% for the original XS

To sum up, get the XS over XSC if you can afford. If you are poor then maybe get the XSC LOL ROFL
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