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Drone laws in different countries in a map
Very interesting idea and information:

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Great idea, however the info on South Africa is incorrect, saying that you cannot use 'toy' aircraft within 10km of an airport etc. Even prior to the introduction of the regulations here, it was stated that they would not (and do not) apply to toys. Toys being defined by something that is designed specifically for children ie. Anything that says "not for children under 17 years" is still designed for children 17 years and over, and is therefore classified as a 'toy'
Windless fields and smokeless builds
The Swedish rules are not really correct either. The text that is shown seems to be a mash up of various information sources without regard for the class of use they apply to. For example, I am under no obligation to keep a log book for my multirotors.

When I have the time, I'll see if I can put a more accurate entry together.
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