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DJI Phantom micro
To build micro DJI Phantom I was interested in a concept that existed on Thingiverse.
3D printing has been given to a friend of the Gustar team.
For this build, we must have attention to detail and be able to weld on very small components.
Equipment :
EMAX F3 Femto 6A Bullet BLHeli_S ESC RS1104 5250KV Motor T2345 Propeller Power System Combo
Eachine TX01 NTSC AIO Super Mini 5.8G 40CH 25MW VTX 600TVL 1/4 CMOS Camera FPV
DJI Phantom FPV 95mm Frame by Gophy
The Femto pack at Emax seemed like a good compromise in terms of price. No need long surf sessions to find the had hoc hardware, everything is in the box.

CSEs are 6A 2S. I tested without having flashed and they support 3S LIPO a time. Engines gray without markings are perfect and recalls the original models. The EVO SPracing F3 card will be attached to the two heights of both sides come with.

A piece of double-sided will fix the ESC to the canopy.

The equipment is in place we will be able to taste the spaghetti 

It just came.

XM + is the smallest receiver in my possession and it will be secure with double-sided on the flight map.

The feet are glued to the green using cyano.

Carefully check the size of your LIPO before setting your feet.

To close the canopy I took colsons green and red to remind the original LED.

The look is nice, we believe it.

With propellers Emax.

The essential Velcro for your LIPO.

Weight without LIPO = 66g

To add fun, I put a cam AIO to steal immersion.

The support was created for her. The TX01 model.

It will take against by careful when you will screw because the structure is very fragile.

Some pictures


https://pimousse.be/ Belgian FPV & Aeromodelism 
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  • Oscar, Tom BD Bad, kaitylynn
OMG, that is the cutest quad!
SoCal Kaity :D
OMG, no one told me it would be this much fun!  Addicted :)
I can see DJI scrambling to come up with a gimbal for an AIO camera right now!

Great job building this Pim, and respect to Gophy for the thingverse creation!
Windless fields and smokeless builds
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  • Pimousse
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