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DIY mirror finish to your print
Hey guys, 
I don't own a printer, I'd love to, but in South Africa that's a bit like saying I want a space ship!
I have always thought that it would be nice to see 'properly finished' prints. I saw a Kickstarter campaign a year or so ago for a product called the Poly-Sher or something like that. which was a small turntable in a box with 3 or maybe 6 nozzles which sprayed an even coat of acetone or something to smooth the print.

I just came across this video on YT for anyone who hasn't seen it, looks like a great way to get that injection molded finish.

Windless fields and smokeless builds
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That's pretty labor intensive and I am a little bit lazy.  Mine don't come out quite that nice, but for the effort they are very good.

The method I use is the Cold Acetone Vapor Method shown in the video below.  Note: this only works with ABS (as far as I know).  It also takes a bit less time than he does in the video.  If you leave the part too long, it can become a sticky, gooey mess.

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