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Different language sections on the forum
We have so many people from different countries, do you guys think (or is there any of you interested in) having specific language sections in the forum a good idea? Like French, German, Spanish etc... 

I just thought that not everyone is fluent in English and Some of them might be more comfortable with their own language when asking/helping other people...
obviously we are most likely not going to understand the posts in these forums so moderation will have to pass on to volunteers... perhaps these sections can be created on request by people who knows that language, and would volunteer to run that forum?

Just a thought...
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I can't decide whether I think that's a good idea or not. In one hand it could bring more users to the forum, but on the downside, the knowledge and experiences shared in a different language become less accessible for users that don't understand that language.

Anyway, if you go forward with it I can help with Portuguese, Spanish and French.
you made a good point.
I think i will postpone this until someone actually request it Smile
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I'm afraid that no one try to ask to have a translation in his own language, idea will be great if we start ourself and feel how it come to us. Suggest that First translate most important article already existing. I'm agree that English are the most common language, but if I can take my time to help the guy close to me because he don't understand english,I'll do. I prefer to see people grow up safely than people they do bull shit because they don't understand expression or word in a google translation. This hobby are too dangerous if you don't respect some rules and follow instructions for the set up, that's also the way for injurious or stupid video and the bad way to put this hobby underground....
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Thinking is good but Operation is rather difficult.
I can help with English and Australian, Big Grin
American I am not so fluent in, but getting there, Whistling
as for the other languages...ermmmm  Nope, no clue. Cry
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Can you handle Emoji too? LOL

Seriously though, we tried with French and it didn't work that well. So I don't think this will happen again any time soon.
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