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Difference of FX797 and FX798 VTX/Camera
FX797 and FX798 are probably the most famous FPV setup (VTX and Camera combo) for brushed micro quads, especially the recent tiny whoops inductrix and Eachine E010.

There are confusion about the differences between these 2 models, so I bought 2 of them for a quick comparison.

But from appearance, there is really no difference between the two, apart from how the antenna is attached. 
  • Both units have identical dimension
  • Both antenna height is around 2cm
  • Identical weight
  • same price
  • same button and components location
On the FX797T, the Cloverleaf (circular polarized) antenna is soldered on a peice of PCB that sticks out about 10mm from the main PCB.
On the FX798T, The antenna is soldered on a coax cable, which is very stiff and not flexible at all. 

Battery connector can vary from vendor to vendor, Hyperion comes with Servo header plug, BG ones come with JST SH (I think)

Without comparing the actual performance, They seems to be the same camera/vtx. Thee only reason I would choose FX798 over FX797, would probably be the easier antenna removal, if you want to replace it with a whip antenna or something for better crash resistance and durability.

FX797: http://www.banggood.com/FX797T-5_8G-25mW...42994.html
FX798: http://www.banggood.com/FX-FX798T-5_8G-2...53038.html

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I haven't tested the performance of these - but also for the FX798t - there appears to be emerging a market for replacement antenna: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01J5EUFKG

I ordered a set - they look OK.  I can imagine that many would just replace with a whip antenna or even just a copper wire ... but I've been flying around enough trees that the clover seems beneficial (?).

They're a bit longer .... Sad

But I plan on eventually replacing this one with a whip - and using these for a 200mw transmitter for outdoor flying.

Darn it. Looks like Banggood is now selling a perhaps better alternative to the Amazon product linked above. Looks like better solution IMO:

Interesting to note, however, that they say NO WAY to using this on 200mw transmitters - which is troubling - because that was my plan. Crap.

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I think there is also a VAS bluebeam clover antenna version of FX798
I have the fx798t and where the antenna is soldered to the board it has pulled away. Basically separated the board, it still works but the antenna flops backward.


Hope this pic works. You can see it's peeled away from the board, is there a recommended way to repair that? Thanks for any input
I had the guy at the LHS solder this up for me, I think it came out ok, I put the hot glue on so hopefully it won't break anymore.

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