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Desoldering RoHS Parts/Wires

I ran into an issue desoldering the motor wires from a set of Makerfire 20A ESC's. My iron wanted to be nearly 800' to do it. Uh-uh, too much heat for me.

Figuring I will do an infinitesimal amount of damage to the environment, I used some 60/40 resin-core on a 650' iron, and watched the cold factory solder melt and run, allowing me to remove the old wire easily, and solder the new motor on with little fuss.

Even though the RoHS solder doesn't flow at 650, the 60/40 dissolves the surface, then it's off to the races as it mixes/saturates and melts the old solder.

Hope it helps someone fighting hi-temp/no-reflow solder.
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Factories often use high-temp solder, it's always a good idea to remove it entirely before resoldering wires using your own solder. Also using a fat flat tip will enable you to use lower temperature as it keeps the heat better.
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