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DemonCore PDB on 3S
I have a question.  I am building a quad with DemonCore PDB v2.3 and am planning on using 3S for power.  (ESC & motor limitation.)

My VTX will operate from 7-22V and I want to power it with the 12V "step-down" on the PDB (to take advantage of the on-board filtering).  Will this be a problem when my Lipo drops below 12V? (I'm not too knowledgable about step-down regulators.)

Hey Scotty, it will be fine. I used to run 3S on my Demon Core PDBs and has 7-22 volt vtx and FPV cam and never had an issue and then went 4S on same setup and still everything was fine.

You are set to go.
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I was using old V2 core on 3s, so in general it will work. But that was a relatively clean (caps on each EMAX ESC) build. If voltage drops below 12V, output will be lower than input voltage, it will also not cut out some of the noise that it usually does by regulating down to stable 12V but other PDB components should take care of that. Don't know if it's that will be big of a deal - until you are over 9v on 3s, you should be good. Just measure output V on some discharged lipo.

EDIT: No noise Biggles? Great Smile
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Thanks guys! I will go ahead (and watch to see if I get any noise). By the way, I will be using Bolt HV batteries (4.35V per cell), so hopefully that will extend the time that I am at 12V+ (probably not much - I know).
(10-Aug-2016, 01:15 PM)Konrad Stepanajtys Wrote: ............EDIT: No noise Biggles? Great Smile

Come to think of it, maybe there was, but certainly not enough to distract me in any way, and at the time I may have just thought it was bad VTX signal.
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