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Death Valley National Park
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  • unseen, sirdude
What a spot for FPV, awesome! I felt your pain on landing!
Windless fields and smokeless builds
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  • sirdude
Ouch....what Tom said...... Sad
"Damn the torpedoes!!!  Full speed ahead!!!"
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Amazing location! Painful landing. Smile
Great video and a really stunning location!

It's probably not that wise to post video which breaks the law to YouTube.

You wouldn't be the first to experience a knock on the door after posting a video like this. I notice you say in the video description "Edits of footage given to me by a buddy.", but that's a pretty shaky defence. You may be required to identify this "buddy".
There is a loophole wherein you can launch from outside the boundaries of the park, as NPS has no airspace jurisdiction and it's not an FAA NFZ. But some bans are put in place for a reason. Most national parks are wildlife preserves and there have been reports of drones disturbing the wildlife. So yeah, not cool.
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SWIM did this flying, and some drugs, and might have defrauded someone, and copied some DVDs as well...


The views are indeed nice, and it'd be great if more people uploaded desert video... and it would especially suck if SWIY didn't know that it was illegal ahead of time.

I have to say though... This absolutely wouldn't have been worth it if it was me. From what I understand you can get some HUGE fines for flying in national parks. Renov8r is right, but this video shows takeoff from in the park, and shows shots of the pilots being in the park as well. Practically all that is missing is GPS coordinates.

The good news is... if you get busted it really only hurts you... I doubt that doing this will turn around and "ruin the hobby" so in the end... Great video!
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