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CTC 3D Printer thread
What's up yall,
I figured that i will start the 3D printing section off with a new thread.

I recently bought a CTC 3D printer It's a clone of the Makerbot Replicator Dual. Got it on ebay for 420 euro. 
I'm still awaiting upgrade parts to come in to improve print quality, decrease noise, and overall prolong the life of the printer.
If you have this printer, or are considering buying it, I was given a helpful link with upgrade advice that you can find Here
Of coarse, if you are looking for special parts for your FPV multirotor, check out Thingiverse.

In the near future when i tune my printer, I will begin printing a bunch of test parts for my ZMR250 frame and post the results here.
If they consistently come out in a high enough quality, i will consider selling printed parts here for cost of materials, time, energy, and shipping.

Thanks Oscar for adding this section, I hope the forum blows up with popularity.

Which upgrade parts you are waiting? I have printed almost all upgrade parts fof CTC on Thingiverse, but have not install them yet. I just replace fans and now printer is pretty quiet, only noise of motors.

CTC 3D is great value, it works out of box, but updates are needed for longevity and for easier maintaining. But while keeping price in mind small updates can be done. Smile
Thanks for sharing your ideas. Can you tell me what's the basic step to step about 3d printing so that I can used it in my product design?
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