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Couple Runcam Swift issues
Just picked up a Runcam Swift because I wanted a camera that worked better in low light, since I always seem to find flying time right around dusk.

Works GREAT for that.  I flew after the sun had set and could see just fine.

I do have 2 small issues though:

1) When it is in black and white mode, it will just flip to static, but the static has some of the shapes of the trees I was just seeing.  Then it will flip back to black and white, then complete static again and repeat this process.  Even though the static has some recognizable shapes, it's still unflyable.  This hasn't (yet) happened in color mode.

2) The camera sees more on the light than the right.  I actually have the camera pointed slightly to the right, but I still see my left sided prop and not my right.  It's flyable, but a bit strange.  Anyone heard of this before or know how I could correct it?
The swifts suffer from a known issue where the pads that connect the sensor to the PCB may break. Your point #2 makes me think that the sensor could be tilted a bit which could be an indicator. You could try opening it and make sure that everything is in place and well connected.

This post from Oscar's blog has some photos and more information about the issue: https://oscarliang.com/hot-glue-runcam-swift-camera/

Hope this helps, that's all I could think of
I'll have to try that. Would this cause issues only in "night" mode?
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I don't know to be honest but I guess that if one or a few pins are disconnected or having bad contact it could cause some weird issue like that.

Btw, was it always pointing to the right even when it was brand new? If so, assuming that you don't have the same issue with other cameras, it should be reason enough to get it replaced.
Yeah it was pointed to the right from the start. I didn't realize it until halfway through the first flight that ended in a crash into a berry bush....so now it's covered in sticky berry juice! Looks like my quad murdered someone.
Would love to see some example footage. But by the sound of it it could be a faulty unit?
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Oscar I don't have a DVR, sorry. It almost feels like the lens is warped or something. It's totally flyable, it's just that I see the tip of the left prop, but none of the right prop. It's a 2.1mm lens so the FOV is wide enough that it doesn't really matter.
When I find time I'm going to see if rotating the lens might help. It's possible I can make it so I see more below than above....which would actually be a nice feature! Big Grin

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