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Cool looking DYS XDR220 at FPVModel
This quad looks cool from FPVModel.

What is good with this RTF version though is the parts it comes with. 

It comes with the SE2205 PRO 2300kv motors and the new XS20A BlHeli_S ESCs – though going with the XS30A would’ve been a better choice given the current draw potential of the motors. It comes with it’s own flight controller called the XDR-F3. It’s based of the SpracingF3 flight controller so it can run betaflight.


-frame Size 220mm
- frame thickness: 4mm
-Whole frame weight: 310g
-Motor: SE2205-2300KV
-ESC: XS20A BLheli_S ESC
-Prop: XT50403 Tri-prop
-Flight control: XDR-F3 - http://intofpv.com/t-dys-xbr220-f3-osd-integrated-pdb
-Transmitter: 5.8G/40CH/25mW to 200mW
-The cover of camera angle: 30°/ 40°
-Camera: 5V camera (CCD)
-Battery (excluded): 3S-4S/1300mha-1500mha/35C-70C

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Cool!! Looks like a four-legged octopus (quadtopus?)

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