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Connect LED strip and buzzer to Mx nano oversky 32
Hi Oscar! not sure if you were able to read the whole message. d like to thank you very much for all your great info. i have been flying RC planes for 15yrs. i started into fpv racers a couple of years ago and have found your site invaluable. im on my third quad build... 2 x 250 racers and now have just finished the maiden of lktr120. any time i have needed info or answers i would check your site first, and generally you had the info to answer my questions. so on to my current dilema.  my lktr120 flys great but i would like to add an led light strip and buzzer to it. i have searched for days online but not finding what i need.....these are the devices i have, can they be connected?

Hi Spadhawk, thanks for the kind words Smile
I just checked several websites and the board layout and can't seem to find any ports for either WS2812 LED or buzzer.
It's not really a standard Naze32 board although it uses the Naze32 cleanflight firmware file...
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Thanks for checking it out....i thought i was missing something. 
safe travels
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