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Cobra champion 2205 2300KV Motor

Cobra just announced the release of Cobra Champion 2205 2300KV motor, claiming max thrust of 1045g though we don't know with what propellers. Let's hope it's some low pitch props as there are not many 2300KV motors can generate 1200g of thrust.

On their marketing material, it lists 6 advantages:

+ 100% handmade winding increase the coil space factor to over 90%, minimizing resistance while significantly reducing heat from the motor

+ All mechanical and electromagnetic designs are made based on computer simulations which then undergo extensive laboratory testing, enabling extended operations of the motor at optimum limits

+ High temperature rated magnets and specially designed balanced magnetic circuitry maximizes the power density of the motor

+ Superior rigidity materials used ensures non-deformation when running at high speeds and produces instant throttle responses

+ Superior balance is maintained by keeping the maximum imbalance degree to less than 5mg - at par with aeronautical standards

+ Abandoning flashy, inefficient airflow designs, airflow has been optimised based on extensive computer simulations, greatly increasing airflow through the motor by more than 10%

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