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CLRacing F4S
I've just bought some 100uF low ESR caps. I'm going to add one to each ESC and one bigger to the main battery connector. I really hope it will solve the issue...

When I bought my first AIO FC (Flame F4) I was impressed. It provides a very neat building and I immediately fell in love with the OSD. But I was very upset about the video noise. It wasn't so annoying but quite noticeable so after several unsuccessful attempt to fix it I started to look for a new AIO. My first candidate was the Matek F405 but I read so many complains on rcgroups so I decided not to buy... Maybe I'm wrong but as I see all AIOs have some issues. I don't know what is the reason maybe some new powerful motors and ESCs are generating more noise which disturbs the FC. I've never had any issues with my good old Xracer F303 v3.1 and as I see many people have the same opinion about this FC.

But it's another story... Sorry for the off topic and my English.

Hopefully I will be able to add the caps before the weekend and it will solve the issue...
It more likely bigger motors, ESC and faster looptime/gyro causing all the noise. ESCs use to come with caps, now we are just adding them back.

I have a 2in and an AIO. No caps and no problems with video.
The capacitors are in place. Smile I soldered a 100uF cap to each ESC . On the bench I wasn't able to reproduce the issue with the caps so tomorrow hopefully I will be able to fly without any issue.

UPDATE: There was no issue during the first four starts and I did many flips but on fifth the FC froze again during a flip. Sad
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That is a bummer. I am putting a build together now. Will update if I am experiencing the same thing.