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clean flight or beta flight does not show reciever
I just got a eachines wizard x220 but the controlle rand reciever came seperate.  The controller is a Flysky FS-i6S and the receiver is a FS-Ia6b

The wizard x220 has just one connector the to flight controller that has red, white and black.  Saw a bunch of youtube videos on how to do this and I am pretty sure I am following all the steps right.   I have it bind.  I tried both PPM and PPM /IBUS in clean flight (and betaflight) I know they see the drone the little 3d model follows the accelerators...  just the receiver shows nothing..

SO I set it to PPM RX use Quad X for the  Mixer and ONESHOT125.   

Just a photo of how its set up.  Not sure what else I am missing or what else to try the receiver does say it binds too.

I haven't done any firmware upgrades of anything. 

The transmitter is 2.00 21-Jun-2017 Hardware V_3.0

picture attached.  Maybe the wire from FC to receiver is bad out of the box?  also tired plugging on the flight controller reach side no dice.

(and yes would plug in battery to get reciever to turn on.)

Have you configured the UART in the 'ports' tab of Betaflight?
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Yep and that was for ibus, I have no dice even with PPM
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You have to plug connected to the wrong I/O port. You are supposed to use I/O port 2. You have it connected to port 1.

On Port 2, pin 1 is ground, pin 2 is 5V and pin 3 is your RX3. You will need to select Serial RX under UART3.

Since you are using IBUS, you will go to CLI and type

set sbus_inversion = off

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.pdf   SPRacingF3-Manual-latest.pdf (Size: 984.32 KB / Downloads: 5)
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that manual was key. I just flashed to latest firmware and it seems all is good. Just gotta figure out how to arm it to set it going. Thanks so much!
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if you don't choose to use the aux switch arming option
the FC's usually default to left stick arming .
rudder right to arm, rudder left to disarm
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I posted some videos for setting modes and arm switch for another person here.

(30-Dec-2017, 11:25 PM)codejoy Wrote: that manual was key.  I just flashed to latest firmware and it seems all is good.  Just gotta figure out how to arm it to set it going.  Thanks so much!

Yeah. I had to do the same thing too when I was setting up my neighbor's Wizard X220. I couldn't figure out why the receiver would not work, but in the end, it was a simple firmware re flash which saved the day! Smile Arming can be set in the "mode" tab BTW.
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