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Choosing 4 in 1 ESC
I've had excellent results with Aikon SEFM 30A ESCs. I have early ones and recent ones. All have been great. I have them in 4 builds.

I'm building a 3inch quad and I have almost all the parts I need. The main thing are the motors - T-Motor F20 (1406/3200kv).

I'm trying to decide on ESCs. I was thinking of going Aikon again. They are small enough, but I don't actually need 30A rating for this build.

I'm not sure about a 4 in 1... but I'll consider them. That said, it has to be a BLHeli_S ESC as good as my Aikons, but maybe smaller and of smaller rating.

What would you recommend?

Or would you guys recommend smaller individual ESC's, like the Cicadas 10A/20A, or Aikon 20A?
I have tried Dalrc bs25a and Littlebee 20A 4in1 ESC's, both are great.

Apparently, the 10A Cicadas can't do DShot. The 20A Cidadas can do DShot out of the box. The Aikon 30A are actually a bit smaller than the 20A Cicadas, but to do DShot they need to be modified. Some caps have to be removed to allow for DShot.
I'm leaning towards the Cicada 4 in1 20A actually after all. I think it will make for a clean build.
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