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Camera uptilt........
So how much uptilt are people running ?
I have a couple RR Aliens and I'm running what the RR guy's run, at least a couple of the guys..........25 degrees, which seems to work well for me.

I am still very new, but am starting to fly more advanced free style maneuvers and am curious as to what other people run and their thoughts.

Danny Z
You'll get a million different answers, it's just a matter of experimenting and finding what you're comfortable with depending on your flying style. Mattystuntz runs 60 percent uptilt!! Which is why he's able to do the seemingly impossible stunts. It's just mind trickery, he's like the David Blain of the quadcopter world.
I'm happy with 30 degrees for my freestyle stuff.

It's also a question of how fast you want to fly while "looking level". And what i read from racers using 45-55 degrees uptilt, controlling altitude becomes more difficult.
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