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Camera for spacial recognition or 3D scanning?
I'm not really sure how to search for the type of camera I need. But I basically want the camera to scan the surrounding area. So then that way it knows where objects are. Something like this https://www.wired.com/2016/11/occipital-...re-camera/. I understand there is programming that is involved. But I'm not sure if the camera quality has anything to do with I want to accomplish here. It seems like I need an infrared sensor to produce the actual render.

I guess I basically want a camera for Augmented Reality
I can think of a couple cameras that generate 3-D image, the Blackbird 2 and the Nerdcam. But they're used to display 3-D images through goggles, I don't know if they'd work for your intended purpose. Here's a link to the Blackbird

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