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Brushless Motor Care

I live and fly in FLorida which means sand EVERYWHERE. I was hoping to see if anyone has some tips or tricks for getting dirt or sand out of their motors? I live in constant fear of friction.

compressed air...lots of it. sometimes it may be necessary to disassemble the motor to do it properly. If you have to disassemble it, use a nylon brush (a toothbrush works well) to get all the garbage out of the stator and bell. Be careful not to do anything that will take the shellac coating off the windings. If sand has been impacted into the bearings, you may have to replace them. The best method is to keep them out of the sand. I know......sounds easier then it is. Good luck!
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Move to Ohio
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(18-Oct-2017, 09:44 PM)RENOV8R Wrote: Move to Ohio

I actually lived in Ohio before Florida  ROFL 
I miss it a lot
Got the same issue with sand here.
There is not much you can do about it except taking a small brush and some compressed air with you (as mentioned)

Just make sure to NEVER crash and take off afterward without checking the motors.
I see quite a lot of people crashing and ending upright after which they fly off.
You might end up with a blocked motor and damaging more than you should. (Small "rocks" in the otherwise fine sand)
Just check by hand, you will feel if there is friction/scraping and hear the motor making odd noises.
If that happens just blow and brush while twisting the motor to get things our of there.

Someone advised me to always carefully brush away sand from the bearings and not to use compressed air.
It seems you can blow small sand particles past the shielding, was never able to verify.

Eventually your bearing will catch dirt, just read into how to replace bearings and you are fine.
Sand will not impact your magnets or motor windings much as long as you clean after a crash.
Changing bearings once they start to sound gritty is a relatively low costs and low effort thing. (Do lubricate before changing they, sometimes a bit of bearing oil makes everything run smooth again) but shouldn't be needed more than 1 a year (unless you fly multiple time a week)

Just my experience so far ..
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Update: Flew around the other day and crashed into sand, had to take the motors apart and brush them out. It wasn't as bad as I though it would be.

Thanks guys!
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