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Brand new from Brasil
(08-Aug-2017, 10:30 AM)Carl.Vegas Wrote: Here is some supplemental perspective.

On soldering, it was the part that I was most concerned about. My experience with soldering in the past was mostly just the time spent as a teenager playing with my father's tools without instructions or guidance. (luckily the most important safety info: don't burn yourself and dont let hot solder get on you, is obvious). This forum talked me through most of the learning process and I have now built 2 quads successfully and managed through a couple of repairs to fix mistakes.

3 things prepared me for soldering my first build:
A practice kit: https://www.amazon.com/Elenco-Practical-...+soldering
This thread that unseen started: http://intofpv.com/t-how-not-to-solder
Stu's $99 build video: https://goo.gl/kxgScb

On the RTF vs ARF point that Tom makes above... an ARF or Almost Ready to Fly quad is probably a better choice for long term interest in the hobby. This way if you get a proper radio you can use it. Not always does it require soldering to a board though. For example I have two ARF quads.
My Vortex 250 didn't even require any disassembly. It had a pigtail hanging out of a little hold in the back that I could plug a PPM receiver into. Later this lead to the demise of my reciever and I placed it's replacement inside of the body but still it was the easiest one to install.
The diatone
On my diatone GT2 I did have to solder but only to put together the two cable halfs. The receiver (and XSR) comes with a cable that has a JST connector and some wires, the quad came with tons of cables with connectors and some wires. I just had to line up the correct wires between them and solder them together and use heat shrink to protect from shorts and I was done with the soldering.

Tom's advice on radio and cable (on a Taranis the cable is just a USB micro) is invaluable. I have been telling everyone that I talk to that is new that they should get hooked up to a simulator because it's the best way to practice between batteries. I've become mildly competent at flying these days and I still fly at least 1-2 hours per week in-sim to try out the things that might make me crash and to run practice precision.

The Tom and Carl show today.......... and I actually understood almost all of the jargon. (patting myself on the back)  Yep, ARF seems the way to proceed.

Might look around for a soldering kit tomorrow. I have a few projects around the house that could be done with electrical tape.......... But now they will have to suffer the results of my newbie soldering efforts.

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(08-Aug-2017, 11:52 PM)D. Clocktower Wrote: Bang good seems like a really good source for goodies. I see a lot of my cash flowing  toward these guys in the the future. Besides a wide selection, the ship to Brasil! I`m not sure what the postal system is like in SA, but it really sucks here. 

BangGood do have a great selection, but they have been known to be unscrupulous, stealing designs from 'Thingverse' without credit or remuneration going to the designer. I have bought most of my stuff from them though, mainly due to free shipping out here. SA post is bloody awful, 6 weeks for parts to arrive to Joburg from BangGood, (China Warehouse) then another 6 weeks to go the 800km from Joburg to me! EMS is much quicker, I think that express shipping methods get routed through the office where the literate people work!

(08-Aug-2017, 11:52 PM)D. Clocktower Wrote: Haven`t flown as of yet, but I`m hooked already.
Yeah, youtube can do that to a guy! Check out the 'the Best FPV videos EVER!' thread for some jaw dropping stuff, my favorite has to Tom Smith's...  VEK FPV hasn't uploaded any flight vids for a while but he he does have some great vids of nailing tiny gaps at really high speed.

(08-Aug-2017, 11:52 PM)D. Clocktower Wrote: Take care and thanks again for taking the time for such an educational post,

Good on you for throwing that nancy boy into a puddle.............     

Truly my pleasure  Big Grin
Windless fields and smokeless builds
Hahah, your postal system sounds like the one here in Brasil. Anyway...... I gave Banggood a test run today and ordered a soldering kit. I will see how this goes before I make any larger purchases. (they did write something about my credit card having to be `manually processed` and it this would take 48 hrs)  Hmmm........     Sad

I did go to the YouTube site you suggested....... amazing stuff!!!

Gonna go now and wait for my soldering kit. (more laughs) Perhaps before Christmas???   ROFL ROFL

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My 1st order placed with BG was processed on Oct 11 for a couple of toy quads as Christmas gifts for my nephews, and 1 (which turned into 5!) for me. The ones for the kids arrived in early January!
So Hopefully before Christmas...Wink
Windless fields and smokeless builds