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Blheli_S firmware
Hello everyone. I have installed the emax bullet 30amp version to a new build.

Out of factory they came flashed with 16.5 version.

When I connected to the blheli suite, I found that there are newer versions available. Has anyone tested them? Are they safe to use?

The newest versions are:
1. 16.67 RC (blheli-mutlishot)
2. 16.63 DSHOT commands (Official)
3. 16.6
4. 16.65
5. 16.5
I can't really comment other than I've been using 16.5 all summer and I just can't imagine my motors running any smoother, so I haven't even bothered upgrading.
Hi I have Lumenier 30A OPTO 3-6S ESC's which are supposed to have LED lighting. I have downloaded BL_Heli Configurator 16714900 and Also BL_Helisuite 32_32300.  I can connect to these ESC's with both of the above programs.  With the configurator it reads ESC's as J-H-15, 16.43 says running Firmware released Nov 11-2017 00:27:03, I am connecting through my DYSF4 Pro FC, which is flashed to 3.2.2.  When I load either BL_Heli software I do not get the LED Control tabs shown above. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

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